Analyze the monologue or song

Trying To Figure It Out...So You Can Perform It!

The actor needs to have a full understanding of the play or musical in order to get the context of the piece they have cut.

In order to guarantee a full immersion in the role they are taking on, the actor must dissect the information available (if they can't read, listen to, or watch the whole show)

Quick Analysis:

Title of the show:
(is there an official website for the show?)

Are there any analytical essays written about your show?
(not reviews necessarily, but they too can help)
Print them out and read them. Highlight any info that references your character and their plight in the story.

What do you think the title means?

Write a short description of your character:

Age:                       Gender:                        Occupation:

Main character or supporting role in the show? __________________

What does your character want in the story (Objectives (wants)?  Hopes?  Dreams?)

Type out the monologue (or lyrics) and mark the passage into beats. (breaks in topic or changes in mood or emotion) 

What or who is in your character's way? What's the hurdle for this moment?

Do they get over it in this momentDo they still have the same problem when the piece is over?

Try to create a visual for the physical look of the moment and describe the staging (before getting the piece on its feet)

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